Design and the Age of Progress

Design and the Age of ProgressWhat is remarkable is that, at this stage of “the age of progress”, as some white Western men like to call it, there is still something in human homes that, in order to clean them, one needs to resort to hitting them with a broom stick in the yard. Designers have probably forgot to do research in this field. Or perhaps there is a secret conspiracy of some distant alien race, who, in order to attain Planet Earth’s domination, has made completely sure that designers be bribed and overlook investigation in the field of sleep.

If a human were to spill liquid on the mattress upon which they sleep, then they need to ask for help from a neighbor in order to turn it upside down. How is it possible that designers have managed to invent microchips, miniskirts, contact lenses and a whole variety of microscopic things, but, at night, people still need to sleep on this one big thing that weighs 88 pounds?

Specialists in the world of design and innovation have invented cars in which the driver can be involved in many accidents without getting killed, or pacemakers whose carriers can suffer up to seven heart attacks and still remain alive. However, people still need to turn their mattresses if they spill coffee in bed. Technology, design and modernity seem to stay well out of the bedroom and remain in the dining room, in the kitchen, etc.

If one were to compare a bed from the Middle Ages to one built in 2016, one would notice almost no differences. Where is the progress? Several centuries of nothing. Design and science running adrift. The same horizontal contraption made of wood, canvas, fabric. That’s it. Unless one is to consider the elastic termination of the bottom sheets, so that it stays put. In 15 centuries, an elastic cord.

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