Failures in Design

Failures in DesignDesign has yet to come up with a mechanical device to free humans from the misery of going to bed and making their own beds. In a modern house, there are remote controls for everything, even to lower the curtains. But there are no remote controls for activities related to sleep. Perhaps only Japanese people and people that are ill have remote controls in their beds. Sometimes Westerners wish to be “yellow” (from either being Asian or from contracting hepatitis B) so that their beds can be automatic and come fully equipped with a keypad all. Maybe that is why The Simpsons are yellow because they represent a sort of yearning of Western society.

Designers have spent the last twenty or thirty years investing a tremendous amount of nonsense. There are machines that let you know in advance who is calling so that people do not need to ask on answering the phone. The endless adventure towards “comfort”. Designers invent devices that save us the trouble to say “Hello, who is this?”. Designers have even invented devices that turn water into ice without having to go near the poles. But at night, when it is time to rest, people still need to struggle with fabric, blankets, sheets and rags, arrange them symmetrically, placing their heads upon an absurd bag full of feathers that, in order to make them, millions of poor feathered animals need to suffer at the hands of torturers who pluck their feathers from their bodies.

Then there are the new mattresses. “Intelligent mattresses” as they are referred to by designers. The mattress is probably one of the biggest failures in the history of design. Although no one has really dared to say it aloud and start again. All designers do is incorporate modifications and false improvements: ergonomic mattresses, storage beds, adjustable bed bases, memory foam mattresses, etc.

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