Future Sleep Design

Future Sleep DesignIn times of modernity where design and technology run rampant and go hand in hand, beds should be contained in a compartment with weightlessness or zero gravity. It should be at least a giant, sealed capsule, without sheets or blankets or feather mattresses, where everything is perfectly measured and the levels of oxygen and temperature are just right for each person. Every night, people sleeping inside a big chamber, languid, always in the perfect temperature and with a slight, relaxing background sound like the murmur of the sea, crickets in the distance, rain etc.

In this bed, snoring, apnea, insomnia, disturbing noise, nightmares, etc would not exist. The capsule would be sound proofed from external disturbing noises. The pillows would have a timer that would cool down when they notice the users’ cheek gets warm. And, of course, there would be a digital video recorder for dreams, to see the repetition of the best scenes the following day. It is difficult to know how many years one will have to wait to get to this point of comfort. For now, it might be complicated, as long as designers and scientists are still busy adding more apps, functions and gadgets to mobile phones.

There is an old Western story in which the protagonist is falling asleep on a rough rock, after walking through the desert all day and he says that the best mattress is fatigue. At that time, people were probably exhausted from walking many kilometers, working with their hands, using their knives and spades for everything. In other words, people had to make real physical efforts; but no more. Real fatigue is almost a thing of the past. Science allows a woman to give birth without pain. Today, the only real physical work left is to make the bed before going to bed.

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