The Evolution of Design over Time

The Evolution of Design over TimeExcept for beds, design has made it possible for everything in this world to improve. People needed to collect wood in order to start a fire and be able to cook, a soup for example. Now we can simply put the bowl soup directly in the microwave.

Half a century ago a regular person would probably store up to 500 LP records at home but thanks to design and innovation we can now have up to 500 complete discographies in our pocket. Not so long ago, people needed to get to places on horse-drawn carriages and it took months to arrive. Now, thanks to design and technology, there are airplanes and bullet trains. All that matters to us, has evolved except for beds. Sleeping is still the same as it was 10 centuries ago.

It is probably why come nightfall, many people prefer to fall asleep on the couch, instead of going to bed. Just thinking of all the things one needs to think about before going to bed discourages you from wanting to and instead, people fall asleep in their couches. There is no automation of this dull process; everything is manual and slow. Everything is obsolete.

On observing the routine of modern humans, everything seems fine: a device that indicates when to wake up, a machine that brews coffee, a vehicle that drives people to work, a device thinks for them and corrects them, an automatic machine that gives them money and food. Back home, another wonder of design that provides entertainment; music, drama or sports, and yet another gadget that indicates that it is time to rest. So far so good. But where design has failed completely, is where humans need it most. Before going to bed, modern humans, who have achieved to get through the day without any physical effort, have to make their beds and get there by their own means.

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